Smoking cessation program for Military Police officers: the Brazilian experience / Programa de cessação do tabagismo na polícia militar: uma experiência brasileira

Igor Bastos Polonio, Tatiana Saruhashi, Camila Matsuura Endo, Karina Moraes Kiso, Roberto Stirbulov


There is no smoking cessation program for the Military Police in Brazil. Objective: To compare smoking cessation treatment in two outpatient populations: Military Police officers and civilians. Methods: A total of 205 civilians and 208 Military Police patients were analysed retrospectively. Results: The Military Police officers were younger, predominantly male, experienced less anxiety and depression, had a higher rate of  smoking cessation after 4 weeks and had smoked more cigarettes per day than the civilian population. They also had fewer co-morbidities. Conclusion: The Military Police smoking cessation  program in Brazil is unique and reveals information that is important in understanding this habit.

Key words: Smoking cessation, Police, Military personnel

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